Outside-of-the-box Retirement

I think we all dream of that first day of retirement.  That first day of sleeping in until 10, watching afternoon soaps in your unders, and reveling in the fact that you answer to no one.  You can while away Read More

working for the man

What's So Bad About Working For the Man?

Many people insist that you can only get rich by becoming an entrepreneur, by working for yourself. I counter with “What’s wrong with working for the man?” I understand where the opposition is coming from.  With a W2 job, you Read More


Things I Wish I Had Known Then – Work Hard for the Money

How old were you when you got your first job? I was 15, delighted to make $6.25 an hour working at the local park’s snack stand.  This was a highly coveted position, but I had an “in” with the family Read More