Outside-of-the-box Retirement

I think we all dream of that first day of retirement.  That first day of sleeping in until 10, watching afternoon soaps in your unders, and reveling in the fact that you answer to no one.  You can while away Read More


My Favorite FIRE Concepts

There are hundreds of amazing personal finance blogs*.  These blogs have introduced me to so many terrific new life hacks that will speed up my process to financial independence. So I’ve decided to spread the love!  Here are some of the Read More

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What can $600,000 do for you?

Our goal is to save $600,000 by June 2026 and retire early in our mid-30s. But why $600,000?  Doesn’t it seem like a pretty random number?  Doesn’t it also seem like a LOW number to be able to live on for Read More