My $10 Frugally Fabulous Glasses

What did you pay for your last pair of glasses? I haven’t bought a pair of glasses from an optician for years. Why? My last pair (non-designer) cost almost $400!!!  I refused to pay that ludicrous price ever again. Years Read More


My Favorite FIRE Concepts

There are hundreds of amazing personal finance blogs*.  These blogs have introduced me to so many terrific new life hacks that will speed up my process to financial independence. So I’ve decided to spread the love!  Here are some of the Read More

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The 8 Best Blogs of 2016

I have been lucky enough to find quite a few of the best financial independence blogs on the internet.  In fact, I read so many blogs that the amount of awesome information overwhelms me sometimes.  I narrowed the list down Read More

The 6 Best Podcasts of 2016

My first exposure to financial independence, early retirement, frugal living, extreme saving, index investing and more was through a podcast.  I found the Financial Independence Podcast through iTunes and I was instantly hooked. Podcasts are a great way to try Read More