Hacking Life’s Major Expenses

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been getting our American life back. We’ve moved to a new city, got a new apartment, my husband started a new job, and we’ve started replacing everything we sold or canceled before Read More

retire early

What can $600,000 do for you?

Our goal is to save $600,000 by June 2026 and retire early in our mid-30s. But why $600,000?  Doesn’t it seem like a pretty random number?  Doesn’t it also seem like a LOW number to be able to live on for Read More

The Frugal Mermaid: An Introduction

This is the story of a blissfully happy married couple striving to achieve financial independence. We are two twenty-something Americans living a frugal life in, of all places, Cartagena, Colombia.  Our journey started in June 2016, when I, the Frugal Read More