It’s here…the Frugal Mermaid budget sheet!

How is mine different than the 800 others on the internet?

I like to round my expenses out to an easy, consistent number for every single month (I’m currently shooting for $2000, but as you’ll see below, I went $55 over this month).

But no one spends the same amount every single month.  Things come up, like car repairs, vacations, holidays, and more.

So to keep my numbers even(ish) every month, I have individual savings buckets for all of those expenses that don’t happen every month, but will almost certainly happen in the future.  Mine include things like my 6-month lump car insurance payment, taxes, travel, extra fun money for when we have guests, etc.

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Come back every month to see how we did with our own budget!  Keep scrolling to see our budget for June.


June was a crazy month for us.  Click the link below to see how we did!


As you’ll notice, even though we moved in May, we still had a lot of moving/new job/starting over expenses in June.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

-I didn’t account for new account set up costs, like my cell phone or our internet (stupid activation fees :()

-I also didn’t account for additional furniture and home supplies we would be purchasing.  I think the $20 budget for home supplies will be plenty going forward.

-Our car had some unexpected issues and we took an unplanned-for weekend trip to Utah.  Because the respective savings accounts didn’t have enough to cover the costs, the remaining costs show up as expenses.  This is why you will notice we have expense balances plus lowered contributions and balances in the savings accounts.

My estimates for some categories were unrealistic.  I am going to have to increase the budget amounts for groceries and electricity (did you hear it was 118 degrees here for days on end?!), and I’m considering increasing our eating out budget so we don’t feel super deprived.

But, despite all of those categories in the red, we still managed to save $2,227!  That’s a savings rate of 54% of our income!  I am getting giddy just thinking about how much better we can do when I (finally) get a job!

I’m disappointed, but also really pleased.  Even though we went WAY over our budget, we still saved a decent amount, and have a commendable savings rate to show for it.

How did you do with your budget last month?