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About the Frugal Mermaid

The Frugal Mermaid is a personal finance blog, specifically focused on financial independence and retiring early (a revolution appropriately referred to as FIRE).  It is so named because I, the Frugal Mermaid, was named after a certain Disney character from a movie that came out in 1989 (betcha can’t guess).

I was introduced to this movement in June 2016 by The Financial Independence Podcast.  I was instantly enthralled with the idea of saving enough money to be able to someday quit my 9-5 job and spend time doing the things I want to do.

This blog is about sharing awesome FIRE information with others.  It also keeps me and my husband accountable to our own financial goals.  There’s gotta be a selfish reason too, right?

Want to know more about us?

My husband (hereafter referred to as the Frugal Merman, which he will hate) and I just moved back to the States after spending 15 months in Cartagena, Colombia.  We have settled down in sunny Las Vegas, NV for the foreseeable future.

Why Colombia, you may ask?  My husband served a mission for our church in Viña Del Mar, Chile for two years and LOVED South America.  However, he was disappointed that Chile wasn’t more third-world, jungle-y, adventure filled, South America. So he decided that after he graduated university, he would move to Colombia.

I had a few years to get on board with this idea. So, after he graduated, I happily left my stressful 50-hour work week to live a much simpler life in Cartagena.

Little did we know, Colombian cities are definitely not third-world.  Cartagena is an excruciatingly hot, beautiful, fairly large city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.  It is very much like any city in any part of the world.  I mean, sure, there are donkeys in the streets and people carrying ladders, furniture, dead fish, etc. on the backs of motorcycles, but in a lot of ways it’s fairly normal to me, a very spoiled American.

Before Colombia, we lived in Orange County, California.  So, the exact opposite of Colombia.  But it was a wonderful experience and I often miss the man-made beauty there.

My husband and I grew up in Utah (yes, we’re Mormons).  I lived in Utah for my first 18 years, but my husband was born in Montana, raised in Wyoming, and then grew up in Utah (his words).  Growing up in Utah was great (seriously, Utah County has the best food in the world.  Despite living away from it for many years, I still miss it on a nearly daily basis), but we both wanted to see what was out there.  So while James was in Chile, I moved to California (my dream since I was 8) and after visiting me after his mission, he moved down a few months later.

We were married in the San Diego LDS temple (that big ice castle right off the 5 near La Jolla…you know it) on March 10, 2012, and we have just had the best marriage ever since.

We love books, the beach, Netflix, and food.  We are always taking suggestions for the next book, next (frugal) travel destination, next Netflix series/movie, or the next restaurant to visit, so feel free to leave those in the comments below!

I’m grateful that I found this financial independence movement, and I’m grateful that we have the technology to share ideas and goals with each other.  I’m excited to document this journey, our journey to financial independence, on this blog!


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