money mindset

Why Your Money Mindset is Important

How often do you hear people say “I’m so bad with money!” Do you say that yourself? It makes me sad to hear that phrase.  Do people really think there is nothing they can do about it, no way to Read More

14 Pieces of Bad Advice

Have you ever been given bad financial advice? I guarantee that you have, even if you weren’t aware of it. The question is…did you listen to it? Here are 14 bad pieces of advice you should reject: “Buy a house. Read More

savings snowball

Psych Yourself Up for Saving with the Savings Snowball

Quick Review: The Debt Snowball Have you heard of the debt snowball? It works like this: You pay the minimum payment on all of your cards/loans EXCEPT for your lowest balance card or loan.  You throw as much money as Read More


Outside-of-the-box Retirement

I think we all dream of that first day of retirement.  That first day of sleeping in until 10, watching afternoon soaps in your unders, and reveling in the fact that you answer to no one.  You can while away Read More