College Wins, Fails, & Regrets

Who doesn’t have regrets about college?  From changing majors halfway through your program, to taking 10 years to get a degree, to racking up mountains of debt, everyone has something they wish they had done differently. I know I do! Read More


My $10 Frugally Fabulous Glasses

What did you pay for your last pair of glasses? I haven’t bought a pair of glasses from an optician for years. Why? My last pair (non-designer) cost almost $400!!!  I refused to pay that ludicrous price ever again. Years Read More


I Am NOT a Material Girl

Let’s play a game. Right now, do a mental inventory of all of your possessions within your sight.  Give each item a rating from 1-10 based on how much you value that item.  The value can be based on its Read More