The Power of Spending Habits

This post will serve two purposes:  First, it will be a mini-review of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.  Second, I’ll come clean about some of my worst spending habits Read More

best blogs

The 8 Best Blogs of 2016

I have been lucky enough to find quite a few of the best financial independence blogs on the internet.  In fact, I read so many blogs that the amount of awesome information overwhelms me sometimes.  I narrowed the list down Read More

retire early

What can $600,000 do for you?

Our goal is to save $600,000 by June 2026 and retire early in our mid-30s. But why $600,000?  Doesn’t it seem like a pretty random number?  Doesn’t it also seem like a LOW number to be able to live on for Read More

The 6 Best Podcasts of 2016

My first exposure to financial independence, early retirement, frugal living, extreme saving, index investing and more was through a podcast.  I found the Financial Independence Podcast through iTunes and I was instantly hooked. Podcasts are a great way to try Read More