The Best Way to 401k: Helping You Understand Your 401k

How do you feel when setting up your 401k? Stressed?  Confused?  Indifferent? Me too. Before I started reading personal finance blogs, I had little-to-no idea what a 401k was, or why I needed to use it. I would flip through Read More

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How to Get to Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta is a little city on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia. It’s very hot and humid, generally hovering in the 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit range. It’s a popular destination for tourists, mainly because of its proximity to Tayrona National Read More


Things I Wish I Had Known Then #4 – FREE MONEY!

What’s that, Frugal Mermaid?  Did you say FREE?  You’d better believe it.  In this post, I’m going to show you ways to get free and {almost} free money or rewards.  You want some? *Free* 1. Rewards credit cards You can Read More


Things I Wish I Had Known Then #3 – Savings

Saving is, to me, the most important part of adulting.  More money = more freedom.  And isn’t that what we all want as adults?  We want our summer break back, am I right? There are a variety of ways to Read More


Things I Wish I Had Known Then #2 – Home Sweet Home

If Harry Potter can do it, we can too, right?  Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme.  Please don’t live under a staircase, unless you’re hoping that it will increase your chances of becoming a wizard. Home Sweet Home Ah, your Read More


Things I Wish I Had Known Then – Work Hard for the Money

How old were you when you got your first job? I was 15, delighted to make $6.25 an hour working at the local park’s snack stand.  This was a highly coveted position, but I had an “in” with the family Read More


Rent Smarter: Size Needs vs. Wants

As a little girl, I thought a lot about the details of my future housing.  Ya know, like every little girl does.  First, I thought that I should stop paying rent to others as soon as possible.  I should buy Read More


Vacation Regret

*This child does not belong to me, nor to anyone I know.  But his expression is so perfect for expressing how I have often felt when getting roped into something on vacation. At the time that this posts, we will Read More


The Power of Spending Habits

This post will serve two purposes:  First, it will be a mini-review of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.  Second, I’ll come clean about some of my worst spending habits Read More

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The 8 Best Blogs of 2016

I have been lucky enough to find quite a few of the best financial independence blogs on the internet.  In fact, I read so many blogs that the amount of awesome information overwhelms me sometimes.  I narrowed the list down Read More